I am always delighted with the care, kindness and professionalism I receive from Charlotte, as well as her excellent skill and expertise.

She explains everything, very clearly, before carrying out any procedure and takes time to make sure you understand before starting.

She is a fantastic dentist and a very lovely lady.

I find all the staff extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming.

Thank you for doing such important work, particularly during these very difficult times.

Charlotte Coupe

Visiting the dentist can sometimes fill you with dread!! Not so at Dental Care with Jill Cooper. A quick reminder, either a phone or a text makes sure I never forget an appointment. A friendly smile greets you at reception area and in the surgery, putting you at ease straight away. Jill caters for all my family’s needs:

  • A speedy referral service for my daughter, who needed a brace
  • Options for my son who needed a brace but didn’t want all of the metal!
  • Re-assurance for a nervous husband and help to stop him grinding his teeth

Even my Father-in-law, who made do with his broken front tooth for years, has now regained his smile thanks to Jill.

It is so nice to go in and be treated like part of the family and not just another patient.

Mrs A of Lymm

Jill Cooper is without doubt the best dentist I have ever had treatment with. She is extremely efficient, always cheerful and reassuring. I recommend her to everyone I know.

All her staff are knowledgeable, very pleasant and helpful.

Mr Burgess of Lymm

Jill and her staff make you all very welcome and are very courteous. The reception area is inviting and relaxed, all the staff are chatty, and there is always a happy atmosphere. Both my children who are 14 and 12 are always more than happy to attend appointments, and Jill is incredibly gentle and makes our visits to the dentist a pleasant experience.

She speaks to the children (and the adults) to explain what she’s about to do, so everybody feels calm during their treatment.

Mrs L and family

Jill Cooper is the best dentist I have ever had. The practice is a pleasure to visit and my two girls (9 & 5 years old) actually like going! My husband is very happy too. Jill runs a professional, friendly service and is an excellent dentist. I would highly recommend the practice to everyone!

Mrs W

Having Had a lifetime of dental experience, lost teeth that should never have been extracted, seen my children terrified of the dentist we were allocated to in Lymm in the 70’s ( no choice ) followed by having to pay extortionate costs, Jill Coper’s dental care has been heaven sent. No pressures, genuine dedicated concern to meet each patient’s needs with consideration to financial situations and the treatment respecting each individual’s best interest.

Mrs W

There are many great qualities of Dental Care with Jill Cooper, which makes it an excellent practice, which I can fully recommend to anybody. Amongst these qualities, I would list:

  • Bright and modern reception area and treatment rooms.
  • Friendly and efficient reception staff.
  • Above all Jill is a fine dentist who looks after all the members of my family in the Lymm area.

Mr G of Lymm

Jill Cooper’s dental practice is the place to go if you have to go to the dentist. It is clean, well run and tidy with a very friendly staff, Jill Cooper is a dedicated dentist. It is run as a service not just a business orientated by money.

Frank of Lymm

Jill and her team are a very friendly practice; they put me at ease whilst waiting and while I am in the chair. They are a professional and amiable practice. I am smiling when I leave.



  • Friendly yet very professional culture prevails.
  • Pleasant environment, never have to wait long.
  • Standard of care is excellent.
  • Highly recommend this practice.

Alison Roe

The practice is bright and cheerful from the minute you walk in. Staff are very helpful and efficient. Ms Cooper is a very kind, caring person who goes to endless trouble to put patients at ease.

In 68 years, this is the first dental practice I can honestly say is a pleasure to go to.

Mrs G of Lymm

This is an excellent local dental care facility in the heart of the community.

The standard of care is first class.


Jill and her team provide a wonderful service and are totally dedicated. They not only treat my children but also four of my grandchildren putting them completely at ease in every situation.

They are extremely professional in their approach and very caring.


“Does what it says on the tin!” Provides caring quality dentistry.

Mr W of Lymm

Friendly, Helpful, Painless (nearly) they have worked long and hard on my depressingly bad teeth and gums and the improvement in both is remarkable.

I would recommend Jill Cooper Dental Care to anyone in fact, I do!

Nick Johnson

I have only attended for 2 sessions (registered last year.) I am quite a nervous patient (Era of School Dentists) I find my Dentist caring, thoughtful and very accommodating.

She is pleasant at all times as is her assistant.

Thank you

Mr D Beddael

Simply the best.

Never had any problems, also ringing you up to remind you of your appointment.

John Bonner

At last I have found a dental practice that I actually look forward to going to.

Whether it’s Jill or Soughol the treatment is the best I have ever encounter. May they be in Lymm as long as I am!

John Christopher

Jill Cooper is the best local dentist.

All the staff are very friendly and professional, excellent, efficient service. Prompt appointment’s and text messages to your mobile so you do not miss appointments.

The charges for the treatment is very reasonable.

Philip Gregory

I think the dentist is amazing!

I had my first filling although it would only be small I was terrified! The kind staff assured me kindly and it didn’t hurt a bit!


Friendly, quality, professional service from the whole team.

Never thought I would say that a dentist was a pleasure to visit but Dental Care at Jill Cooper is!

Ruth McCormack

Excellent service and treatment experienced, always gives full explanation of treatment options available, unbiased opinion and likely cost.

Mr S of Lymm

Dental Care with Jill Cooper provides an excellent service with a caring friendly environment.

No matter how busy they are, time is provided to take care of acute problems. I would recommend this practice to anyone. I actually have informed people how good this practice is.

Alexander Frew

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    Dental Emergencies

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    Loose Teeth

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    Crooked Teeth

    Here at Jill Cooper Dental Care we use a range of clear orthodontic systems so that we can find the system that will work for you the best. We can use aligners or clear removable appliances to give you that smile you are looking for. Please contact the practice to make your free clear orthodontic consultation appointment.

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    Nervous Patients

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    Missing Teeth

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