Dental Implants

Dental Implants take dentistry into the 21st Century

Dental Implants have become a much more widely used dental treatment over the last 10-20 years but they have been around for nearly 50 years. There has been a lot of research and development in this field meaning that dental implant treatment is a predictable reliable treatment. This research has also proved that teeth are the best option, implants should be used where a tooth is un-saveable or already lost. We will always try and save your natural teeth first and only move onto implants if all is lost with your natural teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are generally titanium cylinders that are put into your jaw bone to act as artificial roots. They have a specialised outer surface which is extremely rough. This allows bone to remodel itself onto this rough surface giving it a very strong bond keeping the implants locked into your bone. Inside implants tend to have a screw hole. It is therefore possible to screw artificial teeth or attachments into an implant.

Designs of implants vary, we can place zirconia implants if you do not want titanium implants, we sometimes place thin implants which do not have the internal screw if your bone is very narrow, we place short implants if you have not got very much bone height. There is generally a design that is right for you.

What can dental implants do for you?

  • They can fill the caps in your mouth with solid, attractive looking artificial teeth meaning that you can smile, eat and talk with confidence.
  • They can be used to get rid of loose and uncomfortable dentures, or they can be used to make dentures really solid and help you eat, speak and smile with absolute confidence that they are not going to fall down or move.
  • They can be used to get rid of bulky plastic that covers your palate which can cause problems with tasting your food and speaking.
  • If we are unfortunate to loose teeth, you will find that not only does the tooth go, but the bone that supported the tooth or teeth will eventually be resorbed away, this can lead to a sunken appearance and dentures becoming progressively looser. By placing implants into your jaw bone this stops the bone resorbing and maintains your appearance.
  • They prevent us from having to cut down natural teeth to support artificial teeth. Teeth that support bridges often die off and or fracture and can then be lost.

How do we use dental implants?

implant-single-toothImplants can be used to replace one missing tooth.

We would place one titanium screw into your jaw bone.

We then can use this implant to fix a dental crown and restore your teeth without damaging the adjacent teeth.

implant-supported-bridgeImplants can be used to replace several teeth.

If you are missing three teeth it would be usual to place two titanium screws into your jaw and then use these to secure 3 artificial teeth, this would be known as an implant supported bridge.

implant-full-jawWe can expand this idea to replace lots of missing teeth.

It is possible to replace all your teeth in one jaw with 4 implants, however we generally use 6 implants in case an implant develops a problem then the bridge will not be lost.

implant-denturesImplants can be used to secure dentures with the use of locators which are a little like press studs.

Or by the use of a bar.
implant-bar-2 implant-bar

What is the process?

  • You will need to come in for a full dental and medical examination.
  • We will need to find out what it is that you want and then discuss your option.
  • We will probably take some radiographs or we may decide to get a C.T. scan taken which will show us what bone you have available in 3D.
  • We will discuss all your options and choose what is best for you.
  • We may need to do some other dental treatment before you go ahead with implant treatment. Such treatment may be treatment to improve you gum condition.
  • We will then plan a time to have your implant(s) placed.
  • Implants can be placed at the same time as teeth are taken out or at a later date. It is usual to have a few stitches after an implant is placed, however we are one of the first surgeries in the country to offer a new revolutionary guided surgery technique call Implant Pilot. This is a system that allows the position of the implant to be decided in advance on your C.T. scan and then placed into your jaw accurately without the need to cut your gum or place stitches. It makes the placement very accurate, quick and any post-operative discomfort much less.
  • After the implant is placed, sometimes we can place a temporary crown or bridge.
  • The permanent crowns or bridges are usually fitted 3 months after the implant(s) have been placed as this allows the bone to grow onto the implant surface to make the implants nice and secure in your jaw.

If you are interested in implant treatment please call Karen on 01925 758616 to make a free implant consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

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