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Our Fees


Dental Treatment Fee
Routine Check Up £30.00
New Patient Examination £50.00
Lapsed Patient Examination £50.00**
Scale and Polish Registered patient, Hand Scale Only £45.00
Ultrasonic scale and polish is not available during COVID 19
X-ray £9.00 each
Amalgam Fillings £68.00 – 116.00
White Fillings £90.00 – £157.00
Emergency appointments fee
Emergency Appointment, Registered Patient* £30.00
Remedial dental treatment to be charged additionally at the normal rate ‘
Re-cement Crown £38.00
 Issue of prescription £8.00
 Dressing £30.00
Extirpation £90.00
* A registered patient is one who has had a Routine Check Up at the Practice within the preceding 24 months and completed their treatment plan
** A non-registered or lapsed patient is any patient who has not had a Routine Check Up within the preceding 24 months, or any patient who has had a Routine Check Up in this period but has not completed their treatment plan.
Extraction Fee
Simple £95.00
Complex £115.00
Surgical £170.00
Root Canal Treatment Fee
Incisor £350.00
Premolar £380.00
Molar £450.00
Re root treatment add £70.00
Root Canal Treatment with Charlotte who has a special interest and an MSc in Endodontology Fee
Incisor £450.00
Premolar £500.00
Molar £550.00
Dentures Fee
One Acrylic Denture £750.00
Pair of Acrylic Dentures £1400.00
Cobalt Chrome Dentures from £950.00
Crowns, Bridges & Veneers Fee
Metal Crown £370.00
Zirconia Crown £450.00
Emax Crown £495.00
Metal & Porcelain Crowns £450.00
Gold crown £595.00
Porcelain Veneer £495.00
Bridge Work From £484.00 per unit
Orthodontics Fee
Orthodontics Consultation Free
Inman Aligner – One Arch £1166.00
Aligner Treatment £160.00 per aligner & free treatment plan
Retainers (per arch) £92.00
Six Month Smiles (one arch) £2145.00 (includes retention)
Six Month Smiles (two arches) £3170.00 (includes retention and tooth whitening)
Invisalign Express £1900.00
Invisalign Lite £2900.00
Invisalign Comprehensive £3900.00
Gum Disease Fee
Oral Health and gum treatment appointment from £135.00
Full mouth disinfection £380.00
Dental Implants Fee
Single implant placed £1045.00
Implant crown and abutment £1052.00
Bone graft if required £380.00
Two implants and 3 unit bridge £4867.00
Two implants and locators to secure a denture £2870.00
Four Implants and locators to secure a denture £5190.00
Wax up of final result from £90.00
Teeth Whitening
Home trays (night white) £317.00
Home trays (day white) £355.00

Through years of experience and countless happy patients, we know that each persons dental requirements vary, thats why we encourage you to call us on 01925 758 616 today so we can help find a suitable plan for you.

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  • New patients

    New Patients

    We welcome all new patients and look forward to meeting you.

    Our core service is general dentistry but we do provide many advanced services so that we can provide a modern, comprehensive, dental service to our patients. We invest in new technologies to improve patient experience and make your dental treatment as quick and comfortable as possible...

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  • Dental Emergency

    Dental Emergencies

    We have several dental emergency appointments every day. We understand that dental pain can be very distressing and debilitating, that a missing crown can be embarrassing so we reserve appointments to deal with these problems. These appointments are available to or regular patients and also to new patients or casual patients...

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  • Loose Teeth

    Loose Teeth

    Loose teeth can be painful and embarrassing. Here at Dental Care with Jill Cooper, our first priority is to find out why your teeth are loose and then to work with you to get a long term solution. To find out more about the services we offer please contact the practice to arrange a consultation.

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  • Crooked teeth

    Crooked Teeth

    Here at Jill Cooper Dental Care we use a range of clear orthodontic systems so that we can find the system that will work for you the best. We can use aligners or clear removable appliances to give you that smile you are looking for. Please contact the practice to make your free clear orthodontic consultation appointment.

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  • Special Offers

    Special Offers

    Including refer a friend discounts, Six Month Smile Summer Special, and buy one get one free examination for new patients!

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  • Childrens Dentistry

    Childrens Dentistry

    We have a friendly happy atmosphere in the practice that puts children at ease and we provide a colouring area and children’s magazines in case there is a small wait.

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  • Nervous Patients

    Nervous Patients

    Nervous Patients are extremely welcome. We understand that many people find coming to the dentist difficult and we work with you to make your dental experience at Dental Care with Jill Cooper as pleasant as possible.

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  • Clear Braces

    Missing Teeth

    Missing teeth can affect our smile, affect are ability to eat and talk, they can disrupt our bite and cause other teeth to move making them more prone to dental decay because of food packing between teeth and also sometimes gum disease.

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